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At Sloan dental we are committed to preventative oral care, while delivering state of the art techniques in all area’s of dentistry.

Our Services Include:

Cosmetic Dentistry
Get that movie star smile with porcelain veneers, crowns and tooth colored filling materials.

Zoom II
Our state of the art tooth whitening system restores your naturally bright smile.

Dental Implants
These titanium metal root replacements are restored to fully functioning, cosmetically beautiful tooth replacements.

Root Canal Therapy
The removal of nerve tissue from an infected tooth. This is performed to save a tooth from having to be extracted.

The diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the tissues and bone that support and surround the teeth.

A porcelain covering which adheres to the tooth, improving the esthetics of the visible surface of the tooth. Usually used on front teeth.

Dental Implants
Artificial devices usually made of metal, which are implanted within the jawbone which mimic the roots of teeth. These can be used to replace missing teeth or retain denture appliances.

A non-removable restoration that is used to replace missing teeth. It is fabricated by placing crowns on each side of the space where the tooth is missing and suspending a false tooth between them. This piece is then cemented in.

A full covering placed on a tooth to replace missing structure and/or reinforce and strengthen the tooth. They are indicates for broken or cracked teeth or those that have previous fillings encompassing more than ½ the width of the tooth.

Teeth Whitening
Medicaments which are applied to the teeth to brighten their appearance. Most teeth whitening procedures can be performed at home.