Advanced Technology

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The Digital Dental X Ray system is more sensitive than standard Xray film systems. With digital Xrays, your exposure to radiation is cut by as much as 90%.

With digital imaging, the images are sent directly to a computer and viewed almost immediately. The Digital Xray images can also be enlarged on a computer screen so you as well as the doctor can see the images in detail.

With Digital Xrays, there are no processing chemicals or film necessary to view an image, resulting in a more environmentally friendly situation.


The intraoral camera is not just a diagnostic tool, but it also serves as an educational one too. The patient sees exactly what the dentist sees on an in-office screen. Most people cannot see well into their own mouths, however, with the intraoral camera, the dentist can pause on a particular tooth or area of the mouth to point out problems and explain possible treatment options. A patient can now “see” a cracked tooth in the back of their mouths that they were unable to see before.